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Our company is the most suitable for the business of client companies. We provide IT solutions

​Using advanced digital technology to preserve traditional Japanese culture and pass it on to future generations
We are making cutting-edge attempts such as converting Japanese swords into NFTs, and converting bonsai into 3DCG and NFTs.

​System development consulting

In the Web 3 era, the basics are a decentralized model in which individuals, not organizations. Our company specializes in developing decentralized systems that match these times.

Decentralized NFT marketplace, decentralized exchange, other decentralized donation platforms, etc.

​Digitalization support business - for companies

We will carry out a business that reproduces the most analog culture, technology, and art with the power of digital.

​We offer various ideas such as Metaverse Shrine and Metaverse Cemetery

​Digitalization support business - for individuals

In the Web3 era, individual responsibilities are emphasized rather than organizations. Personal authentication is emphasized, and you will be responsible for managing your ID and password. We provide ID and password management know-how

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We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Apple founder Steve Jobs studied the Zen spirit of Japan.

Oracle founder Larry Ellison loves gardens in Kyoto.

Tom Cruise is a Japanese samurai.

There are many celebrities who love Japanese culture all over the world.

​I hope you will like Japanese culture.

Would you like to support Japanese culture ?

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