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Our Mission

As technology evolves and people’s lives, education, and businesses change, our motto is to think and act together with our client companies.

Officer introduction

Representative Director :

Shigeo Kasuya


After working at a securities company, participated in Japan's first large-scale project finance. After that, I started several businesses. In 2012, he learned about the existence of Bitcoin, and began researching blockchain and cyber security, anticipating the arrival of a decentralized society. We have established a digital asset management organization as a mechanism to enhance the merits of a decentralized society and compensate for the demerits.​​

Vice Director   

Masato Sakurai



Hiroyuki Goto


Akira Kamikawa   

Shusuke Ogiwara   

Toshinobu Ishii

Korea branch office​

Branch Manager   James Hipo

​Branch Manager   Lee Nomura

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Our Story

The Digital Asset Management Foundation is an organization that creates a mechanism for people all over the world to live a more comfortable digital and decentralized social life.

The entire social system is digitized, and a full-fledged decentralized society is about to arrive.

While a decentralized, digitized society is very convenient, but excessive self-responsibility and omnipotence cannot make people comfortable.


Therefore, we at the Digital Asset Management Foundation will continue to work so that people can enjoy a more comfortable digital society.

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